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Many organisations are missing out on the opportunity to be more competitive by accelerating their innovation with programmatic training.

Organisations of all sizes are embracing cloud technology, from digital natives to large enterprises. You might be creating an innovative new startup, or migrating your established business away from the constraints of traditional IT infrastructure. Whatever your cloud strategy may be, you might be missing an important consideration which will be essential to ensure that your move to the Cloud is successful.

To maximise your return on investment in the Cloud, you need to ensure your engineers have the skills required to embrace new cloud technologies. 

Unlock 80% faster cloud adoption and maximise ROI

This might mean creating a training programme for cloud-savvy practitioners, or transforming the capabilities of existing teams of engineers. So will sitting some online classes fill this knowledge gap?

The fact is that an ad-hoc approach is unlikely to produce your desired results. Requests for training courses will be filed from different teams at different times, with no alignment to project goals or business objectives. Also, if you just focus on off-the-shelf training for engineering teams, no other role in the business will benefit from learning about the Cloud. These forgotten stakeholders might be the people required to sign off on the next cloud project (and its budget).

An IDC white paper found that comprehensively trained organisations are 80% faster to adopt cloud technology, and 3.8X more likely to see a return on investment from their cloud strategy. Speed of innovation is the key takeaway here; if you under-plan your training coordination, there will be competitors in the wings waiting to overtake you. If you’re a startup, perhaps it’s a competing team with the same idea as you who can bring it to market faster. If you’re an established business, there will be a digital native around every corner just waiting to intercept your customer base.

Discover how the Appsbroker Academy can upskill your organisation and view our latest training courses.

Why choose Appsbroker Academy for Google Cloud training?

At Appsbroker, we have an extensive background in successfully implementing the programmes of change required to coordinate successful cloud training aligned to priorities, workloads, and objectives. We cut our teeth migrating tens of thousands of users away from their monolithic office software to Google Workspace. And, for the last 14 years, we’ve been deploying workloads to GCP for some of the largest organisations and institutions in the UK and Europe. Now we’re bringing our expertise to re-energise the cloud training landscape to ensure that your workforce capability can transform along with your cloud strategy, through the Appsbroker Academy.

Training for engineers, by engineers

Appsbroker Academy is a Google authorised training partner that leverages our engineering experience to ensure your training will no longer rely on dry, theoretical examples when your engineers need to learn skills quickly in a context that’s relevant to their industry. While your practitioners are transformed, we’ll also use our experience transforming large organisations to ensure that no level of personnel is left behind. 

Talk to us today about Academy Engage, our rapid programme for cloud transformation that creates a line of sight between your workloads and the training required to achieve them. If you’re a larger organisation with multiple projects and teams, ask us how Academy Transform can produce immediate results while creating an ongoing, programmatic approach to capability transformation and organisational change.

Find out more about the Appsbroker Academy and be the first to know about our latest taster sessions, webinars and free training courses.

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