Driving Hyper Personalisation in Retail with Purple and insightNOW

From in-store to online, to click and collect or shop local, customer behaviours are unique, complex, and unpredictable. Gathering, analysing, and responding in near real-time to customers still remains one of the top challenges for organisations.

Introducing insightNOW and Purple: live analytics, intelligent services.

Purple WiFi identifies customer behaviour in-store from free WiFi, loyalty cards or even security cameras, while insightNOW combined with the process power of Google Cloud BigQuery captures and streams data from surrounding data sources.

No more guesswork, retrospective data or end of day reports.

From hyper personalisation omnichannel, to supply chain optimisation to improve efficiency and avoid customer disappointment, we have seen the smallest incremental change create sales increases of 40%.

insightNOW: instant, actionable insights.

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