Hybrid Cloud Modernizing Applications with Anthos

This fourth course of the Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos series
equips students to consider multiple approaches for modernizing applications and
services within Anthos environments. Approaches include optimizing workloads on
serverless platforms in Google Cloud and on VMware, and migrating workloads onto
the Anthos platform. This course is a continuation of the Anthos on Bare Metal course
and assumes direct experience in operating Anthos clusters from that course.

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Duration 1 day
Level intermediate
Format On-Demand

What you'll learn

  • Identify the workload challenges addressed and the components involved in serverless computing solutions on Anthos.
  • Install workloads on Cloud Run and Cloud Run for Anthos.
  • Configure and review logging, metrics, and monitoring for serverless computing solutions on Anthos.
  • Identify phases of migration and workload types for migrations with Anthos.
  • Install Migrate for Anthos.
  • Migrate workloads.
  • Explain best practices when migrating with Anthos.
  • Explain multiple strategies for automated application deployment and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) with Anthos.

About this course


3 modules · 26 videos · 4 labs · 7 total classroom activities

Who this course is for

Customers, Googlers

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  • Architecting with GKE
  • Multi-cluster, Multi-cloud with Anthos
  • Cloud Operations and Service Mesh with Anthos
  • Anthos on Bare Metal
  • Anthos
  • Anthos Clusters
  • Anthos Service Mesh
  • Anthos on Bare Metal
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Istio
  • Cloud Run
  • Migrate for Compute Engine
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Module 1
Application Migration with Anthos
  • Modernization vision
  • Workload discovery and migration assessment
  • Migrating applications to containers
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of containerizing applications.
  • Determine which workloads are a good or bad fit for migrations.
  • Use automated tools to assess a workload’s containerization fitness of a workload.
  • Plan a workload migration.
  • 1 lab
  • 1 quiz
Module 2
Modern CI/CD for Anthos
  • CI/CD in Google Cloud
  • CI/CD in a private network
  • CI/CD on-premises and multi-cloud environments
  • Securing the software supply chain
  • Deploying third-party software
  • Recall the application deployment goals when working with microservicebased architectures.
  • Identify the model and benefits of Cloud Marketplace.
  • Explain manual (non-Marketplace) deployment patterns with Anthos Clusters.
  • Describe an automated CI/CD architecture using Cloud Build.
  • 1 lab
  • 1 quiz
Module 3
Serverless on Anthos
  • Overview of serverless computing solutions and their associated Anthos components.
  • Installing Cloud Run for Anthos.
  • Running serverless workloads on Anthos.
  • Identify workload challenges addressed by serverless computing solutions.
  • List the Anthos serverless computing solutions components.
  • Install Cloud Run for Anthos.
  • Deploy, update, and adjust serverless workloads on Anthos.
  • Use Eventarc to deliver events.
  • Use best practices when running Serverless Computing Solutions on Anthos.
  • 2 labs
  • 1 quiz

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